Sunday, July 27, 2008

Menu Plan Week of July 28th - New Recipes

Wow the weekend has just flown by. My son, little a celebrated his first birthday yesterday. We had a wonderful party with family and friends. It was just delightful I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration of my sons first birthday.

Consequently, our plans changed tonight. We were supposed to go see a concert tonight at a wonderful, small venue theater in the city, but we were just exhausted. We didn’t sleep much and then cleaning before and after a party really wears you out. I was thinking about tonight’s meal. I ended up having my in-laws over for dinner (wearing my pj’s) and I was not really planning on making dinner tonight since Mr. D and I were supposed to go out. Well my in-laws were going to baby-sit and since they didn’t get to they wanted to see the kids and spend time with them. I decided to use the left over grilled chicken from last night to make enchiladas. They turned out great. We also had Spanish rice and a citrus salad for dinner. I was amazed at how easy it came together. If that would have happened to me five years ago I would have ordered pizza. My FIL is an amazing cook and I still get nervous cooking for him, especially when he had lunch at a gourmet restaurant in the city. Well he liked the food tonight enough to have seconds, after telling me he wasn’t hungry. It was great.

So as for a meal plan this week I am still in the deciding phase right now. This is all tentative below. I snuck a peak at some other menu plans and decided to use some of your recipes this week. I am excited to try a bunch of new recipes.

Menu Plan

Monday: Left over chicken enchiladas, from scratch Spanish rice and salad

Tuesday: Thai Chicken (Crock-pot recipe I borrowed from Laura at Organized Junkie), spicy cauliflower and brown rice

Wednesday: Mu Shu Pork Wrap (a variation of this recipe) and some sort of salad or additional veggie

Thursday: Walnut Pesto Pasta, wedge salad and homemade bread

Friday: Spicy beans and sausage over brown rice with a veggie side

Saturday: Not your mom's pasta salad (recipe here)

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Dara said...

I've never tried making my own mu shu before, but I just had some success with egg rolls. Thanks for the idea!