Monday, July 14, 2008

Flexible Menu Planning

Well I couldn't have typed my menu post too soon on being flexible. Things changed and we are not having dinner at my mother in laws this evening. My hubby never got around to calling her about changing the date and we can't make it on Wednesday so we were hoping to change it to tonight, but obviously that didn't happen. I pulled together an egg frittata last minute for tonight’s dinner. No sides unless you want to count left over taco salad from last night. I am excited about the frittata; because I managed sneak quite a few veggies into it. I had some artichoke hearts, green bell pepper, green onion and some white grilled corn that I put into it. I took some pictures of it before I put it into the oven and I will post them later with a picture of it cooked and the recipe.

So much for a meal plan, huh! I am glad that my father in law has taught me a little bit of improvising and just throwing meals together with what you have on hand. He is so much better at than I am, but it is fun to give myself the luxury of experimenting. I mean what is the worst that can happen? If it doesn't turn out and we will eat grilled cheese for dinner; I am okay with taking that risk once in a while. What do you do when you plans change and/or you don't know what to make for dinner? Please share your thoughts, easy recipes or questions here.

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