Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miche Bags Rock...

Michelle, the creator of Miche Bag's is brilliant. I can't believe someone did not think of this before. A purse that you can switch the look of without emptying the contents of your current purse. That is right. There is a base that holds all of your stuff and then there are shells that you can switch in under a minute to a new look. Seriously smart in my humble opinion.

Tonight I had some ladies over for a Miche Purse Party. Due to summer, it was a small crowd, but so much fun. We had wine and shopped for purses. I was hesitant at first to get a Miche Bag. I thought it would feel cheap and that I would not like it after a week or that it would be a fad. WRONG! I have had mine for about a month and I love it. I purchased the base and two shells as my first purchase and then I purchased a new shell tonight. They are so fun.

If you are local (North Puget Sound/Snohomish County) definitely contact Nikki to purchase your Miche Bag. If you are not, locate a consultant in your area. I think it is great to go through a consultant, rather than just ordering it on line. The customer service that I have gotten through my consultant is fabulous. If there is ever a problem, I have not doubt that she will make it right. Now I am thinking about the next shell I will get to add a whole new look to my wardrobe.

Have a great night!

Long Time No Write...

Hello Blog!
It so nice to see you again old friend. I know it has been a while since I spent time with you. The daily demands of life have taken over (a husband, three little kids, a house, work, commitments.) Now that it is summer and I am not working I can and will make more time for you. I think that I work better with goals and challenges so here is my goal: Post daily for two weeks. I have a lot of things that I have been thinking about posting, but just have not found the time to write about lately.

Here are some future posts that I am working on:
Cloth Diapering Journey
Potty Training Journey
Square Foot Gardening
The Simple Life
Healthy, Quick Meals
Meal Planning
Camping with little ones

I will see you later on today.