Monday, July 21, 2008

Menu Plan July 20th through the 27th

I must say the fish tacos on Saturday night were great and really easy as well. Little a just loved them. He couldnt get enough. I am going to try to make more recipes that use things that we already have on hand this week. Weve had a lot of expenses this month and it will be nice to not have to go to the store this week for more than a few items and little As birthday party supplies. Yes, my little man turns one on Saturday. I will elaborate more on that in a different post.

Menu Plan

S: Spinach salad with mangos, avocado and grilled chicken and orange vinaigrette dressing

M: Smoked salmon pizza with white sauces, served with a side salad

T: Grilled Chicken, grilled mango, coconut rice and a wedge salad (homemade bread) (friends coming for dinner)

W: Chicken Enchiladas, Spanish rice and artichokes

Th: A pasta dish of some sort with veggies (This is my Bible study night and since I wont really eat dinner it is a great night to serve pasta)

F: Smoke Salmon Quesadillas with a side salad and Spanish rice

S: Little As birthday party BBQ hot dogs, hamburgers, beans, salad, chips, fruit, veggies and a messy cake show.

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