Monday, June 8, 2009

This Weekend…

Well not a lot was accomplished for this ambitious, nesting mama of soon to be three kids under three, but at least some progress was made. I don’t know about you, but I am a list person and just love to cross things off of my list. Looking back is the best when so much is crossed out.

I was able to get a few things completed and a few other things started throughout the weekend. The main project that I completed was covering these stools.

I should have taken a picture of them before (but I may not have wanted to post it even if I had taken one). We have had these stools for four years almost and the cream fabric that was on them had definitely seen better days. I had used our carpet cleaner (SpotBot) to clean them, but they still had stains from the kids and who knows what that were stubborn and not coming off.

On Saturday, I went to the fabric store and scored this great fabric for 50 percent off the normal price. All of their upholstery fabric/home decorating fabrics were on sale. (I also picked up some fawn colored silk for my ribbon board, but that is a separate post and all I have is the ribbon and fabric right now for it). I purchased 1.5 yards of fabric, knowing that I would have some left over and I could make pillows for the adjacent family room. Although, I really want to use the fabric to cover our kitchen table chairs, but the hubby wants to wait since our kids eat on those daily and they still have some wear and tear that we get out of them.

So getting to the point…it was really a simple project. I cut three large squares of fabric out, making sure it would fit around the diameter of the stool pad. While I pulled the fabric tight and so there were no creases my husband stapled the fabric to the back of the stool. It was much easier with two people, but I am sure one person could do it. The total time not including the fabric purchase was twenty minutes. I am very pleased with the results. I would love to hear about your do it yourself projects if you care to share leave a comment with your project or your blog post.

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