Sunday, April 26, 2009

Update on Potty Training and Overwhelmed Feeling…

Well I am still overwhelmed, but I wanted to update the blog with what has been happening lately with the potty training saga.

Big A is wearing cloth training pants and plastic pants during the day and then cloth diapers at night (except on the nights I work, then she wears a disposable). She typically has an accident at least once a day and unfortunately, it is usually a BM accident. She did have two dry days this week at the babysitters and then at home for a few hours before bed. We rewarded her by mommy painting her finger nails one night and her toenails on another day. As I was typing this she came up to me and said. “Mommy I have to go change my pants.” Yep, you guessed it she had another accident. She is usually really good with potty training at the babysitters with potty at least. The BM’s are hit or miss. I almost have to catch her in the act. She actually had to very small BM’s today in the toilet. We praised her a lot for this success, even though it was very small and I am sure there are more BM’s in there. Here is what we are trying now:

Pro-active Potty Training Strategies
-Cloth training and plastic pants all day long
-Praising her when she is successful
-Potty treat when she remembers
-Talking about big girl things she can do when she I potty trained.
-Reminding her about being a big girl and using the toilet

If she has a goes pee in her training pants:

-she is responsible for putting her wet clothes in the washer, getting new cloth training pants and plastic pants on, sitting on the potty and cleaning herself up. (We are trying to make it as uncomfortable and inconvenient as possible for her when she goes in her pants.)
-She has to apologize to us each and every time she goes in her pants.
-She is unable to special things. For example: she can’t go over to a friend’s house and play if she is having accidents. A friend’s mom is not going to want to deal with my spirited little girl having accidents. This is one of the closest to natural consequence for not potty training that I can think of. Another example of this would be she can’t go to preschool unless she is potty trained. This is their rule, not my rule, but if it motivates her in any way that will be great.

If she has a BM accident we clean her up and take care of the mess. She is still responsible for changing her clothes, helping with putting her clothes in the washer, and apologizing for going poop in her pants.

We have tried in the past:
-Toilet Training Sticker chart
-Toilet Training small toy prizes
-Letting her save up for a big toy prizes at the end of the week if she is successful
-Taking toys away for accidents (this was my mom’s idea and unfortunately she didn’t really care that much…no connection between the toy being taken away and going in her pants)
-The doctor told her that she needed to be potty trained
-The majority of her friends are potty trained and she knows that.
-We tried in the beginning to do the one day and three day potty training with no success at all.
-Taking pictures of her on the potty and making a big deal about it
-Have a potty party (didn’t work at all)
-Telling her she cannot go to preschool unless she is potty trained.
-Explaining to her that big girls wear big girl underwear and use the potty ALL the time and that babies wear diapers or pull ups or go in their pants.
-We’ve had her watch us use the potty.
-We’ve even had her younger brother little a use the potty to try to motivate her.

What has worked so far…

-This has worked at the babysitters and there only. There is another little girl almost a full year younger than Big A there and she is potty trained. Big A is very motivated by this little girl Big L cheering her on when she goes in the potty. She is very successful at child care with this; too bad I don’t have a way of duplicating it at home.

I just put Big A down for a nap in her training pants and plastic pants. Oh I hope she wakes up if she is has to pee. She did really well with this on Friday and at the babysitter’s house this week so we will see. I am hopefully, optimistic about it.

If you have a success story that you think may help me please share it; however, if your child potty trained themselves or was easy to potty train please spare me the grief. I am so happy for you, but I have a lot of friends where potty training has been no big deal. I am glad for their luck, but I am not sure I can handle anymore of those stories right now. If you can’t tell from this post or my previous posts I am a little down with the whole potty training struggle. I hope you can understand where I am coming from.

Happy Sunday!
Jen D.

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