Monday, June 30, 2008

Menu for June 30th through July 6th

Being a California native, I really love the sun and enjoy being outdoors. However, I have never liked weather that is above say 90 degrees. Well here in the good old Puget Sound area we are having a little bit of heat wave. It would be considered nothing in California; however, with the humidity here it is almost unbearable. It feels hotter than it is. Today was a little cooler, but still over 80 degrees this morning when I woke up. What does all this weather talk have to do with meals? Well my meals for the beginning of the week are cooler meals that won't heat up my house.

M: Quesadilla Salad
T: Grilled Dover Sole, seasoned rice and a salad
W: Spicy beans, rice and veggies
Th: Turkey burgers (special recipe from a cousin's hubby) with fixings and salad
F: BBQ/Grilled chicken and brats, grilled sweet potato fries and rice crispy treats for dessert (It is the Fourth of July...this menu is tentative because my in laws just arrived back into town for the summer and I am not sure when we are getting together)
S: Appetizers for dinner (smoked salmon appetizer, won ton wrapper appetizer, fresh veggie appetizer, maybe one more)
S: The Corn Chowder Soup I still have yet to make

I had this post all typed up this morning, but unfortunately, I am having network trouble and it was lost when my office computer would not connect to our network. I had breakfasts in that post. I will try to add them back in later on. For now I just want to get this posted. :)

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