Sunday, June 8, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Well our menu planning went alright last week. I ended up getting sick on Monday so it wasn't the great week of cooking, but we made it through the week with no complaining. Here is our line up for this week. Last week I said I was going to try to post breakfast too. Here it is...

Monday: B = Pancakes and bananas D: Salmon Cake sandwiches with sweet potato fries and spinach salad
Tuesday: B= Frozen Multi-grain Waffles and fruit D = Chicken Enchilada pie

Wednesday: B= English Muffins with Jelly and fruit D= BBQ Hamburgers (Marc’s cousins recipe), zucchini casserole bake and fruit salad

Thursday: B= Banana Bread and fruit D = Frozen Pasta Casserole

Friday: B = Frozen Waffles and fruit D = Homemade pizzas

Saturday = Eggs, turkey sausage and toast D = Grilling (hopefully fish, but I have not purchased it yet)

Sunday: B = Pancakes and fruit D = Sloppy Joes, wedge salad and baked tempura veggies

I may end up editing this menu another time, but for now it will do. Breakfast is a tricky one for me. Not only do I have two kids that eat totally different things, one is two and one I ten months, I have hard time mixing it up. I only have so many things I make for breakfast. I also have this idea that breakfast is a meal that should be fast...hence the word "break fast." How do you mix up your breakfasts? Please share your breakfast ideas and recipes.

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Lisa said...

It all sounds good. I never get my breakfast kids all want something different most of the time :O) I would love the recipe for Chicken Enchilada pie...that sound like something my family would enjoy. Have a great week!