Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just a little about me...

Thought it would be nice to share a little about me!

I am: a mom, a wife, a teacher, a woman

I think: of everything that can go wrong

I know: that tomorrow will be another day

I want: to simplify life, find contentment

I have: a headache

I dislike: very hot weather

I miss: my family and friends in California

I fear: that someone I love will get hurt, sick or pass away

I feel: rather tired

I smell: nothing which is a good thing with a dog, a cat, a smelly husband and two smelly kids

I crave: other peoples cooking (going out or somewhere I don’t have to cook…this doesn’t have much here)

I cry: a lot when I am pregnant or post partum, I always cry at certain movies

I usually: workout daily

I search: for the perfect outfit every morning with not much success

I wonder: if I will ever wear my pre-pregnancy clothes again

I regret: a lot of things unfortunately

I wish: I was happy/content and others were happy too

I love: my husband and my children

I care: for my hubby, my kids and my students

I always: look for bargains

I am not: my mother

I remember: a simpler life

I believe: in natural consequences

I sing: to my kids and to the Lord

I don't always: have the answers

I argue: (advocate) for my students and my children

I write: in a journal, a writer’s notebook, in baby books, on blogs, letters, scrapbook journaling, cards, poems, books for kids, books on teaching

I win: rarely (not lucky and you may catch it from me so it is best not buy a lottery ticket or gamble when I am around)

I loose: a lot at games or things that I want to win, except this baby weight

I don't understand: why men have to take such a long time in the bathroom several times a day

I can usually be found: with my kids

I need: Me time

I forget: what it is like to be single and have no kids and to buy things for myself

I am happy: when I feel good about me

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Michelle Leigh said...

I always love these! My favorite is your mention of men and why they take so long in the bathroom! So true!