Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Depression Post...sorry I have been positive on this blog until now, but I can't be today

I am not a lucky or blessed person. I have known this for quite sometime now. I am under no allusions or delusions. I am unlucky in life and all the games, races and what not that go with it. I still put on a happy face at work and try to be a positive, happy mom to my children. Today something changed; I realized today that my luck is not changing and more than that is not going to change. Although, I have felt unlucky most of my life (until today) I guess I still had hope that my luck would change. I have no hope now. I know that I am unlucky and that I am just going to have deal with it.


Nicole said...

:( I'm so sorry to hear you so blue! Hang in there... your luck will turn around. I felt that way for a long time--- that nothing "good" or "lucky" ever happened to us but then this year we had so many blessed things go right... it just takes time and things often turn around when you least expect it. Look for the positive in life! I try to every day- just think that I am healthy (relatively), happy, have a roof over my head, food on the table, heat in my home, healthy, happy children. Those are such blessings we can't take for granted!

Now... lottery lucky. HAHA that's another story.

Hang in there :)

Jen said...

Thanks Nicole! I appreciate your comment. I am glad that your luck has changed and a lot of things are good for you this year. You are right. I need to be thankful that I am relatively healthy, my family is relatively healthy and happy, I have a roof over my head, food on the table and heat in my home. I do have those blessings that I often take for granted. Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow and regret that I ever posted this depressing post. :) On a side note I love your blog and it is one that I read daily.

Thanks for being so real with all of us bloggers. Your family is just darling and the house you bought is really turning into an amazing home. :)

Nicole said...

You're welcome, Jen. I hope I didn't sound too "oh life is so peachy keen" in my comment.... I know exactly how you feel and I hate when I'm in those depressed funks and feel like everything is pointless, worthless, unlucky, crappy etc. Just hang in there, it will turn around soon.

Don't regret posting your post. Its your blog and you can be as real and honest as you want to be on it! I know there are times I regret some things I post but I look at it like this... its how I felt at that moment... it was part of me and my life and it meant enough for me to want to post it so... so be it! :)