Friday, October 24, 2008

Jen's List of Eight Things

I typed this out a while ago when someone tagged me and for the life of me I cannot remember who tagged me. It was difficult to come up with eight things for each and on one I just couldn't. :) Enjoy reading a little more about me. I realized that I need to spice up the content of my blog. These days I am just posting things like menu of the week or other bloggers contests. Things have been so busy. It is difficult to make the time to do the things I have to do let alone do things that I enjoy like scrapbooking or blogging. Well I hope everyone is doing well. Happy Friday!

If you have not been are it.

Jen's Favorites in Eights

8 Favorite TV Shows
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Brothers & Sisters
3. The Closer
4. Private Practice
5. Bones
6. Dancing with the Stars
7. Find Your Style (HGTV)
8. The New 90210 (yes, I watch it…I admit it…I think it brings me back to being a teenager 

6 Favorite Restaurants This one is difficult…we really don’t get out too much!
1. Wild Ginger
2. Main Street Bistro (back in Cali)
3. The Cheesecake Factory (this has to be my favorite chain)
4. Sushi Zen
5. Great Harvest Bread Company (my second favorite chain )
6. Arnies (a great local place that looks over the sound)

8 Things I did Yesterday
1. Worked
2. Exercised
3. Laughed at my daughter
4. Kissed my kids
5. Snuggled with my hubby
6. Got registration stuff ready for MOPS meeting
7. Spent time with God
8. Cried (read a very moving blog)

8 Things I Love About Fall
1. The leaves changing colors I love this!
2. The crispness in the air
3. Pumpkins
4. Going to the Farm and picking out pumpkins
5. The colors of fall
6. Harvest time
7. Celebrating my anniversary
8. The holidays just around the corner

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. Having no one in diapers (someday,right? Big A is almost there)
2. Kissing my children goodnight
3. Laughing with my friends and family
4. Date night (this needs to happen a lot more regularly)
5. My kids birthdays
6. Simplifying my life…reusing, recycling and repurposing
7. Teaching fulltime and having my own classroom again
8. Living off the land (starting my garden, composting, buying local produce, dairy and meat/poultry)

8 Things I Wish For
1. A cure for cancer…all illness
2. Economic stability/financial stability
3. A simpler, happy life
4. Happy, Healthy, loving children
5. No debt
6. A new body…pregnancy has taken it’s toll on my body and my spirit
7. That I would be able to enjoy the moment, live in the moment

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