Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meals August 3rd through August9th

I am struggling with my meal planning today. I want to plan wonderful, tasty, nutritionally dense, healthy meals for my family; however, I am confined by a budget and time. I have been trying to have meat be less and less of a focus of our meals, but that is not always easy, especially with a hubby and a son. Big A is fine with just fruit and carbs, but little a really likes meat and dad is a huge fan of it as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. How do you feed your family healthy and yet maintain a budget?

Tonight, I made quesadillas for the hubby and myself using part of an appetizer we had left over from company last night. I also made a salad with a bunch of leftover food, but I will be serving it tomorrow night since hubby filled up on the quesadillas. The kids had leftover turkey burgers, olives, beans, cheese and some fruit. We ended up having pork tacos last night instead of that wonderful “Not Your Mother’s Pasta Salad.” We were having company and I thought it would be a terrible night to try a new recipe. I have moved the pasta salad over to this week’s meal since I was unable to make it this past week. I did try the Mu Shu Pork recipe and the hubby liked them. I think I would alter the recipe a little if I make them again.

This Week:

Monday: Left Over Salad

Tuesday: Grill Chicken, brats and Veggies

Wednesday: Three Bean Chili with Spring Pesto (Real Simple Mag. April 08) served with a salad

Thursday: Not Your Mama’s Pasta Salad

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Saturday: Date Night…a night off from cooking

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