Monday, August 18, 2008

Family Meals for the week of August 17th-23rd

Well last weeks meals were adjusted a little bit with my MOPS steering team retreat this past weekend. My hubby ended up cooking for the family on Friday and Saturday evening. I had planned a frozen meal for Friday and Brats for Saturday, but he had his own meal plan. The kiddos ate Mac and Cheese (his favorite meal beefed up, but started from a box of Kraft) and then he used the Brats to make Jambalaya. I am just thankful for him for watching the kids and cooking. I enjoyed a wonderful 24 plus hours of no kids, no diapers, no one saying “Mommy," it was bliss; however, with all that said I still missed my kids. Isn’t that strange? When I was a younger teacher I use to feel the same way on my summer vacations, or holiday breaks with my students. I was thankful for the rest, but I missed them. This concept is even stronger with my kiddos who are two and one.

Well on to menu planning for this week. Last night (Sunday) we enjoyed a freezer meal. I didn’t want to use a freezer meal (since I am trying to stockpile for my return to work), but it is way too hot to cook and I don’t have a lot of food in the house at this point. Well enjoy my meal plan. I can’t wait to checkout your meal plans. I always get some great ideas.

This week’s meals:

Sunday: Pork Tacos, Spanish rice with salad and taco fixings

Monday: Dinner at a friend’s house

Tuesday: Special Casserole and a wedge salad (mom is out tonight so making Dad’s favorite)

Wednesday: Stir Fry with brown rice

Thursday: Egg Frittata with sausage and veggies (something simple because I am making freezer jam with a friend after dinner, plus I have to work all day)

Friday: BBQ, baked beans, grilled veggies (getting my hair done tonight)

Saturday: Three bean chili, spicy Indian Cauliflower and a salad

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