Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fuzzi Bunz

I was reading a blog that I started reading when I was pregnant. It is written by a dad and is a wonderful perspective that I rarely get being a mom. Well they are using Fuzzi Bunz one size diapers on their newest little addition. I have yet to try a one size diaper by Fuzzi Bunz. The couple is actually giving away some to one blog reader. From the looks of Fuzzi Bunz I would like them because they look very thin and that is good, especially with my little boy. Have you tried Fuzzi Bunz one size diapers?

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Chic Mama said...

My FB one-sizes are my favorite! I just bought 4 more and am hoping my little guy gets a few more for Christmas! Super trim yet sizeable- gotta love that! plus, they wear really well and if the elastic does got to pot it is super easy to replace since it isn't sewn in! 2 thumbs up!!