Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Diapering Dilemmas

Diapers are my life right now or so it seems with two kids in diapers. I am hoping to potty train Big A at the beginning of summer, but I just don't think she is ready right now. Little A and Big A both wear the same size diapers and it is not cheap to diaper both of them. I figured it out and I am spending about $80 a month on diapers for the two of them. That is with coupons, purchasing name brand and non-name brand diapers, buying in bulk or however I can swing it. Unfortunately, both my kids are heavy wetters so in order to not have to do laundry every morning I either have to double diaper them at night or purchase night time diapers. I recently researched switching to cloth diapers, but that requires upfront monies and I don’t think that will fit in our budget right now. I am still contemplating it though.

I am curious. Which diapers do you like? Where do you find the best deals? Have you tried cloth and if so tell me about your experiences with the traditional diapering method? What about leaks, which diaper have you found is best for leaks? Little A is notorious for leaks. I end up changing his clothes at least once if not twice a day. I think the record was last month at 4 cloth changes due to leaks in one day. My boy is a heavy wetter, what can I say. How about night time, does anyone else have kids that wet a lot at night? I just started this blog and this is my first time posting questions, I would love to read your thoughts in the comments section.

A fellow mom blogger has settled on Pampers for her cruising boy. Read about her experiences and a enter a comment for a chance to win some diapers or training pants for your little one.


thompsonfam said...

Hey Jen,
Great idea for a blog. I hear you loud and clear on the cost of diapers, and I'm only diapering one child!

I contemplated cloth diapering and ultimately decided not being home full-time wouldn't work for me and cd'ing. However, my research (and 2 other cd mommies) would've had me using Indian or Chinese prefold diapers with a "Bummi's super whisper wrap" cover. From what I understand, the prefold is super-fast and easy to use, soft on baby's bum, easy to wash and maintain, and can be doubled. The Bummi's super whisper wrap cover seemed to come out on top when checking reviews on various websites.

As far as other cd's, mommies using all-in-on cloth diapers say they are convenient because you don't have to use a cover, but often complain of how long they take to dry. You may also consider pocket diapers with your heavy wetters because you can stuff the pocket as needed and could double-up at night.

Here's a great website with info on prefolds and covers:

Good luck and let us know what you decide!

sweetpea said...

Happy Birthday to Connor! Thanks for sharing your blog.